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Friday 15th, August 2014

The Beast of Arin

"As Arin slowly regained consciousness, her head throbbed with every confused thought. Forcing herself past the pain, she slowly opened her eyes. Eventually her sight adjusted to the darkness, and the gloom of her surroundings came into focus. The fog gave way to a rounded pattern of mortar and stones. Not knowing where she was or what had happen, Arin felt like panic was beginning to choke her. She frantically tried to move and winced as pain shot through her temples. Arin's vision flickered as she slipped back into oblivion, and began to dream..."

The Beast of Arin is an Action-Adventure game about a girl whose family is destroyed by a conflict with the government. The incident was an overreaction on both sides, and not exactly a clear-cut good vs evil. It's a matter of circumstance and perspective.

The game is played from a top-down perspective, as single or couch multiplayer (Multiple players on the same PC or Console). Current plans are for PC and possibly Ouya.

All art you see posted on this site now and in the medium-term future will be temporary art, which I plan to replace in the tail end of the project. My reason for this is to allow me to make rapid iteration while delaying the need to invest in an artist.

The combat is physics based, providing a very visceral feel when you drive your sword into an opponent.

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Estimated release date is late 2015, but I hope you like the very first taste of what's to come.


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